2012 Goals

Alright…  You all may know that I’m not the best with following through on things.  For example… c25k, home improvement projects, crafting, and more.  Oh so many more.

I was really hoping that the iPhone was going to save me.  Because *there’s an app for that.*  But I don’t even think Siri can help me.

While it did organize most of all my lists, post its, and scraps of paper, I still have a long way to go to achieve the life I want to be living.  A simpler, more organized, more fulfilling life.

And so I’m going to try a new tactic.  Humiliation.  Well, actually that’s not completely true.  Because obviously, humiliation didn’t keep my jiggly thighs on that Hispanic treadmill.  Let’s use the kinder word: Accountability.

And I’d prefer if you just disregarded the association of this post with NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.  Just because I am posting it at the beginning of the new year and it is a list of goals (which is another word for resolution) doesn’t mean that I am giving in to the overhyped tradition of setting lofty ambitions that wane by Spring.

Because if I’m going to give up, it will be way before March.

This process is less about me losing those pesky 5lbs and more about making myself healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Which has been pretty low on my priority list for a while and it. has. to. stop.  Survival Mode is no longer an acceptable level of functioning.

I’m even adding regular goal updates to my blogging calendar (I bet you didn’t know I was that organized) to keep me on track.  And I could use some external help from you all as well.  Especially when it comes to avoiding Cheez Its.  Damn those golden nuggets of fake cheesy goodness…

2012 Goals


  • Go Gluten Free  I’m starting a gluten-free diet on January 1st as recommended by my new homeopathic physician.  And since the vitamin supplementation didn’t get the result I was looking for, it can’t hurt to try.  I am seriously tired of fatigue, brain fog, and digestive issues.
  • C25k  I know what you’re going to say, but I’m gonna give it another shot since ‘people’ always say how much energy working out gives them.  And I have the 5k Runner app now.  Because iPhone apps can save the world.
  • Regular Stretching  Along with my new running regimen, I want to work on my flexibility, which is awful.  And The Biggest Loser Wii game has a yoga routine.  Perhaps I’ll be more likely to do that than the regular workout which I gave up on after two attempts.
  • Go To Bed/Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier  To go along with this exercise goal, I thought maybe if I could get my lazy butt out of bed to do said yoga before work, I’d have a little more pep in my step.  Biggest obstacle?  Getting dressed in workout attire then getting in the shower and THEN getting dressed for realz.  If anyone has suggestions for overcoming this one, please help.


  • Pay Off Last Credit Card  We are down to the beast, but all other non-necessary purchases are put on hold until this is complete.  ETA is April.  Then we can start focusing on our car/student loans.
  • Earn an Extra $100/month  I would love to have a little extra cash to snowflake into our debt repayment but I’m still working on ideas of how to accomplish this goal.
  • Save for a New (to us) Car  Matt’s car is dying a slow death and while we’ve decided right now it’s worth more to us than as a trade in, we need to start thinking about its inevitable demise.  And I’d like to avoid another car payment even though we got a great rate on my car.


  • At Home Date Nights  I’ve talked about this before but we struggled to make it work with a needy 2-year-old.  But now that Allison is a little older and *slightly* more independent, I think we can give it another go.  Especially since getting a sitter and going out can be so challenging.
  • Structured Playtime/Activities for Allison  The kid could play pretend all day, but I’d like to incorporate some other activities to work on building fine motor skills, reading, etc.  And I’m kinda tired of eating imaginary pickled peppers all day. 


  • Reduce Waste/Trash  This is something I’ve been inconsistently working on (as documented by my Food Waste Friday posts) but we still have a long way to go.  I’d also like to reduce our trash output and dependence on paper products.
  • Cleaning: It’s a Good Thing  A few weeks ago, Matt and I vowed that we would not go to bed without the kitchen being clean.  And we’ve done a lot better, but when I have a cooking marathon it’s hard to keep up.  Along with that, I’d also like to carve out a bit of time every day to do daily cleaning/maintenance.  Because when I wait until the weekend, it’s just overwhelming to clean the entire house by myself… with a toddler… when football is on.
  • Tackle One Home Repair Project Per Month  I’m going to make a list of everything that needs to be done and we are going to start knocking them out slowly.  Because I am tired of those stupid loose tiles in the hallway.


  • Budget Time for Hobbies  I really enjoy photography, crafting, and playing in the kitchen.  But it always falls to the bottom of my list.  So, I am going to redo my time budget and make some time for me.  Even if it is only one afternoon a month.
  • Git Ma Hair Did  Speaking of time for me, I seriously need to up my dedication to personal care.  Not only is my hair in a perpetual state of grown out mess, but I can’t remember the last time I tweezed my eyebrows and my razor has needed a new blade for, um, weeks.  And we all know that ain’t super sexy.
  • Intentional Blogging  I know that this blog is more of a hobby for me right now (although I’d love to make some income from it some day) but I take it pretty seriously.  And while I’ve learned to let go a bit in the last few months, if I don’t post regularly I get mad at myself.  Because as many of you bloggers out there know, a day without posting can drop your stats like a bad habit.  So I’m working on a longer term post schedule so that I can write in advance and avoid that “it’s 4 o’clock and I have no idea what to post so I’m going to publish a random photo to call it done” anxiety.  And it’s a win-win because I get to write quality content and you get to read something better than my Dr Pepper induced ramblings.

Phew!  This might be the longest post I’ve ever written!  I hope that doesn’t mean I bit off more than I can chew.  Since many of these goals are measured monthly, I’ll write a full update next month, but you can follow my gluten-free journey as well as my battle with the Hispanic treadmill as part of my regular meal planning/health posts.  So make sure you follow via RSS plus you can find me on Twitter  or Facebook, of course!

What are your goals for 2012?

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14 Responses to 2012 Goals

  1. Kim Windle says:

    I have a cleaning schedule under my notes on FB. It has daily, weekend, and once a month activities. I tweaked it from Better Homes and Gardens. Also I think my labled cleaning rags made cleaning a lot more fun…at least I try to tell myself they do.

    • Jen says:

      I remember seeing that when you posted it. I’m not that ambitious. :) I really just want to not puke when I look at my toilet. Although at least I’d be in a convenient location for it…

  2. julie says:

    I workout in my jammies lol, put a sports bra when you get up, you’re good to go.

  3. Shirley says:

    We are renovating our kitchen this year. So my goal is to get it done while keeping my marriage and hair intact. I also want to get a better system of organizing/cleaning. I’d love to know which iPhone apps you use.

    • Jen says:

      I was just thinking about you this morning and how I haven’t checked your blog in awhile! Eerie. And yes, you are fucking fabulous. :)

      My favorite app right now is Cozi. I made Matt download it too so he’d stop asking me what we are doing when but I’m pretty much the only one that uses it. I track appts, shopping lists, and to dos with it, however, I wish the to do section had reminders you could set. I kinda hate typing it all in, but it keeps me from forgetting my shopping list because I always have my phone with me. Maybe I should search for cleaning apps…

  4. Tamika says:

    Ha! Oh my gosh! I have so many of those same things on mine. So many. You are totally not alone…..

    Let’s work together and we’ll make them all come true!

    • Jen says:

      Absolutely! I totally need a goal buddy. I’ve been doing really well on the gluten free but haven’t really started on any of the others yet…

  5. Shirley says:

    I loved cozi. And then I downloaded the Flylady version and got so irritated I almost threw the phone out the window.

    • Jen says:

      Was it buggy? I downloaded Motivated Moms Lite yesterday and it keeps shutting down on me. I guess I’m going back to the old fashioned way of just writing it down on a calendar (or most likely spread out into 3 different notebooks). Sigh.

  6. Shirley says:

    It wasn’t buggy but I couldn’t personalize it at all. If I wanted to change anything it became useless. I’m back to a paper calendar.

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