Food Waste Friday | Brought to you by the letter C

Coincidentally, all my food waste begins with C. 

Sorry that I don’t have any pictures this week, but each item went bad at a different time and I disposed of them before I thought to take a photo.

The first item was two clementines.  They looked alright from the outside but when I opened them up, they had this weird webby look to them and I figured that couldn’t be good.  They had been sitting around for a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t really too surprised.

Later that day, I composted a little leftover cantaloupe because it just didn’t taste quite right.  It had also been in the fridge for a couple of weeks, so I figured it was time to go.

Then on Sunday, I pulled out half of a roasted chicken breast to make chicken salad and it was RANK.  I chucked it immediately because I figured anything that smelled that bad couldn’t be good.

Then there was the broccoli rice chicken casserole that I had made last Saturday with the dark meat of said roasted chicken.  It didn’t seem bad when I was making it, but after the chicken breast incident the next day, I just didn’t trust it anymore.  So it just had to go.

I had also planned to go through our condiments, but just didn’t get around to it this week.  I’m always so unsure of what to get rid of.  Sure, we don’t usually buy/eat cocktail sauce (because on the rare occasion we need it, it’s super easy to make at home), but if it’s still good maybe I’ll use it eventually?

What say you Internet?  What do you do with lingering condiments?


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9 Responses to Food Waste Friday | Brought to you by the letter C

  1. Condiments are the worst. They tend to stay in my refrigerator until I run out of room and then I do a huge purge.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Condiments are definitely tricky. For instance, I have absolutely no idea how long Ranch dressing stays good after you open it. I’ll have to try and find that out. I’ve actually started buying smaller bottles of condiments because my kids and husband don’t eat them. If I’m the only one eating mayo I might as well just buy the smallest jar.

    • Jen says:

      We just had that conversation a couple weeks ago. But I have such a hard time paying more for a smaller bottle even if we won’t use all of the large. I guess it’s wasteful either way, though.

  3. I cleaned out my condiments last week. Meat loaf is a good place to use up the last bits of many condiments.

    • Jen says:

      Hmmm…. meatloaf is on the menu plan for next week…. Except I’m really not sure about the cranberry wasabi (or whatever it is) sauce. I should really just pitch it. #1 ingredient is HFCS.

  4. Elise says:

    I agree. Condiments are the worst! Well… and those little drawers down at the bottom of the fridge that I always forget about. 😛

  5. Adrienne says:

    Oh, I hate this! Of course, I’m guilty of it too, but I hate it!