Getting Control of My Paper Clutter

Last April I began the process of cleaning out our office.

I got through about half of an over-flowing file drawer (out of four) and stopped.  Maybe because I was overwhelmed…  Maybe because it was a little painful to permanently dispose of information that was once so important…  Maybe because shredding paper is BORING…

But whatever the reason, nearly a year after I began I still have A TON of paper clutter.

And after watching an entire season of Hoarders last week I decided I’m tired of it.

Because this is what my desk has looked like for the last six months.

Stacks upon stacks of paper, broken off pieces of things that we’ve been meaning to fix for years, and anything that we were trying to keep out of Allison’s destructive hands.

But after a mere 90 minutes of sorting, shredding, and dusting, I ended up with this.

A place where I can actually sit and set down a glass of wine!

I threw away birth announcements (from 3 years ago!).  I recycled unused novelty notepads (does anyone use phone message pads anymore?).  And I shredded lots of old bills.  That one was tough because WHAT IF I NEED IT SOME DAY??!

So I had to keep reminding myself that it was okay to part with the insurance bill that I paid online 8 months ago and if I happened to need a written record someday, I can request a hard copy from the bank/insurance company.

Now I haven’t even touched the drawers yet (which barely close now), but this is definitely a start.  And maybe the nice clean desk surface will serve as motivation to keep me going through this process.

How do you manage paper clutter?

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4 Responses to Getting Control of My Paper Clutter

  1. Robbie says:

    I don’t manage it very well that’s for sure! I hold on to lots of things because like you said…what if I NEED it? We are also in the long slow drawn out process of moving which makes it even harder for me. I have 2 file cabinets…a bunch of “important” drawers where I stash those papers when we have a house showing. I try to go through the periodically….

  2. Holly says:

    Wow your desk definitely looks a lot tidier now! You’ve inspired me to go and do some decluttering too. I love getting rid of stuff! :)

  3. […] started out not much better with more tantrums.  But she finally crashed out for nap and I did manage to get our desk cleared off after watching two episodes of Hoarders.  Maybe not ideal motivation, but whatever works, right?  […]