Gluten Free Experiment

You may have noticed yesterday that my meal plan wasn’t gluten-free.

That’s because Sunday marked the six-week mark on my dietary experiment. 

And after six weeks, I couldn’t say that I noticed any dramatic difference in my health.  So to verify that suspicion, yesterday I ate pancakes.  And pizza.  And I didn’t have any trouble outside of some slight gurgling most likely attributed to Dr Pepper. 

I realize that six weeks isn’t that long, but most people I’ve heard about going gluten-free have noticed some change within that time.  And honestly, if I’m not getting big results, it’s kinda not worth the effort.

But it wasn’t all for naught.  I learned a lot about food and how many of my favorite meals can still be enjoyed with a few simple alterations.  And if I had ventured into GF baking mixes, I’m sure I could have lived a very satisfied gluten-free existence. 

But I didn’t try these substitutions for a reason.  Well, two reasons.  1) They can be expensive (although I did find a homemade rice flour based baking mix that intrigued me).  and 2) I wanted to see if I could do it without them.  I’ve never been great at will power but this experience taught me that I am stronger than I think.  And even towards the end when I was pretty sure this was not going to be a lifestyle change for me and I was tempted by cake not once, not twice, but four times in two weeks, I stuck with it.  And I’m pretty proud of that.

For all of those people who have found better health in a gluten-free diet, I am so happy for you.  And I do plan to continue sharing gluten-free tips and recipes.  But for now, I am going to focus on eating real, whole foods and a consistent exercise routine.  I really believe that may be the key for me to get my body as healthy as possible.

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4 Responses to Gluten Free Experiment

  1. Holly says:

    Good on you for at least trying it out, even if you did end up discovering it wasn’t very beneficial to you. :)

    • Jen says:

      Thanks! I’m glad I tried although I have to admit that maybe I was hoping a little that it wouldn’t work so I could go back to eating cake. :)

  2. Elise says:

    Good for you trying it out! It’s tough sticking with it, but I bet you’re glad that you can rule out a gluten allergy now!:)

    • Jen says:

      It is really nice to have that peace of mind. But thanks to your site and a few others, you really took the fear out of gluten free. Thank you.