Simple Days ~ 2.25.12

I know I’ve been a little absent this week and now I’m all showing up on a Saturday just to mess with you but I’ve been a little lacking in words this week and I’m not the kind of person that wants to publish junk just to get a post up.

But something I have been interested in doing is publishing a weekly “what I’ve been doing” kinda thing because I know that I like to read these posts and thought maybe you would like to also?

So I was thinking Saturdays would be kinda a good day for this.

Obviously, this would be contingent on me writing in advance because I don’t typically blog on the weekends due to my non-napping miniature terrorist running around all. day. long. So I can’t promise this will be something that happens every week, but I’ll do my best.

What I’ve been doing…

There is one good spot in my house that I can get decent photography lighting for about 1 hour in the morning. I’ve been making a better effort to pull out my camera during that time in the hopes of getting another great shot of Allison. Unfortunately, she’s pretty much always eating when this occurs, so most of my images have a spoon or cup in her face.

It was over 60° on Thursday and today it’s a chilly 41°. People have been chattering about snow, but I don’t see it happening. We might be done with two minor snowfalls for the year. I’m actually a little disappointed because the Snowman Wars with our neighbors did not end well for us and we want REVENGE!

Our snowman would be the one on the left BLEEDING

Matt had a rare Friday night off so we attended our first fish fry of the season yesterday. Fish fries are incredibly big in St Louis. Not sure why. But even though we’re not exactly practicing devout Catholics, we love us some fried fish.

I’m trying out another new thing on Facebook. I am going to post a picture of my daily To Do lists for the world to see. The initial inspiration came from wanting to be more organized because if I have to show you a photo of my list, it’s more likely to not be scribbled in the margin of a cluttered notebook. But it also has the added benefit of letting all you voyeurs see what I’m up to every day. Fun, right? Well, it is for me. I love to snoop on people.

What I’ve been doing… On the web.

How I Save Money By Spending More of it at the Grocery Store I loved this post on Debt Free by Thirty because it reminded me that it’s not such a bad thing to buy a carton of ice cream at the grocery store because it saves you money at Dairy Queen. Granted, if you eat said carton in three days, that might have other ramifications…

Preschool Activities: Colors and Shapes I am a *little* obsessed with learning activities for Allison and thought these ideas from The Happy Housewife were great. I especially loved the shape pictures and it’s educational on so many levels. (I am also a little obsessed with multi-functional items.)

My Top 3 Tips for Getting Stuff Done This Money Saving Mom post was kinda the inspiration for posting my To Do lists on Facebook. I’m a natural list maker, but pretty unorganized so at any given time I’ll have multiple lists for the same day/week/month/etc. So now I’m working off of a long-term list and using those items to help me make my daily ones.

What have you been doing this week?

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5 Responses to Simple Days ~ 2.25.12

  1. Sara D. says:

    That snowman photo is AWESOME. And also, I made a to-do list today, and lost it during my first errand–organizational fail.

  2. Holly says:

    LOL at the bleeding snowman! 😛
    Also, I really like your handwriting, it looks like the font on my blog – I wish mine was that neat!

  3. Coline says:

    The snow man is adorable but I love most the beauty of that girl.. She is pretty enough..