2012 Goals | March Update


Okay, so it’s mid-March and I’ve completed two things on my monthly goal/to do list.  I guess I should’ve known this would happen with Allison’s party prep TAKING OVER MY LIFE for the last two weeks.  But the party is Sunday and I have a few days of vacation next week, so I should be able to get more done the second half of the month.  I hope.

Health Goals

  • Finish weeks 3-6 in the c25k program.  I have actually been keeping pretty on schedule with this and am on week 4.  I did take yesterday off to run to Hobby Lobby (again) but am going to make up for it today.
  • Complete 20-30 minutes of yoga 2-3 times per week.  Hit or miss.  Matt’s wonky work schedule has me all out of my groove but next week should be better. 
  • Review my supplement regiment and replenish supply.  Yeah, if it’s not red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple I haven’t bought it.

Financial Goals

  • Try new bill paying system.  In progress, but I’m not really digging it so far. 
  • Cancel credit cards.  Need to put this back on our daily to do list next week.
  • Shop for a new home/car/life insurance provider.  This will be on next week’s list, too.
  • Prioritize saving goals with Matt.  I think we have this pretty well hammered out.

Family Goals

  • Have at least two at-home date nights and maybe one real date?  I think we’ll be lucky if we get around to one at-home date…
  • Print off new activity sheets for Allison.  I’m sure this is something I will do while on vacation.
  • Plan some fun “staycation” activities for Allison for when I’m on vacation.  Until we know Matt’s schedule, we’re keeping things a little loose.

Home Goals

  • Clean out the playroom and donate some toys to make room for new ones that will inevitably arrive on her birthday.  I did go through her bedroom last night and clean out old clothes (mostly because it’s been 85° degrees lately and she didn’t have any short/t-shirts accessible) but still need to do toys.
  • Shred old paperwork from file cabinets and organize current files.  The beast I keep putting off…  Is it a bad idea to teach my toddler to use the shredder?
  • Work on a manageable cleaning schedule.  Well, the house will be clean come Sunday (hopefully) that would be a good time to start a new routine… 
  • Start seeds for veggie garden.  This is one of my top priorities since the weather has been ridiculously warm and I’M FREAKING OUT that my seed window is shrinking.

Personal Goals

  • Pull out the (new to me) serger and figure out how to use it!  Then serge edges of diaper wipes.  I’ve actually looked at the machine.  That’s progress, right?
  • Buy some new clothes that actually fit.  This is actually the goal I’ve been thinking about most, strangely.  Maybe Allison and I can do some thrifting while I’m off…

Blogging Goals

  • Install a new theme to my blog.  I’m digging Headway so far although I still have some tweaking that needs to be done.
  • Finish designing a blog button.  I haven’t been pleased with the last few designs I’ve made and I’m in desperate need of some inspiration. 
  • Shoot some photos for future blog posts.  Oh, daylight savings.  I love you and your after work sunlight.  This will make photography so much easier.

How are you doing on your goals?

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