Food Waste Friday | Pizza Fixin’s

Last week I didn’t get around to my FWF post, so here is our waste from the last two weeks.

Last week I found this half a can of pineapple that was opened for pizza night awhile back and forgotten.  Sad because my kid will tear up some pineapple.  But it was looking a little fuzzy and slimy, so it needed to go.

Then earlier this week I opened the fridge and found a 4oz jar of pizza sauce that was white.  Well, it was red with white polka dots.  It must’ve also been from the above mentioned pizza.  Tomatoes will last for a long time, so that pizza night must’ve been a looooong time ago.

(Sorry about the awful camera pic, guys.  But Matt was with me and you know how I hate for him to see me taking photos of moldy food.)

I will say that our fridge has been a little neglected with all of Allison’s party prep going on these past two weeks.  One reason is that I’m just busy doing other things.  The other would be that the fridge has very little actual  food in it.  Sure there’s edible items, but most of it is sauces and syrups and produce and yogurt for the party.  Which makes it a little tough to even get into to.  I’ve even taken over the beer fridge with spinach.  Matt’s less than pleased.  But I am looking forward to a thorough clean out next week.

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4 Responses to Food Waste Friday | Pizza Fixin’s

  1. Jess says:

    I’m sure my husband thinks I’m crazy too, but he goes with it. I think he would draw the line at replacing his beer with spinach though hehe.

  2. My husband knows I am crazy and will take pictures of anything, it’s my kids I was trying to hide crazy from.

  3. If that’s two weeks of food waste, you’re doing great. Good job.

  4. My husband knows better than to throw things out – back in the fridge it goes until I can snap a photo! :) I have recruited him as a food waste warrior…