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I’m baaaaack!  I didn’t actually plan on taking a blogging vacation this week, but being off of work makes it so much more challenging to find computer time.  And I thought maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to unplug for a bit.  If by unplug, you mean watching reality tv for hours while my child is (not) sleeping.

So you’d think after 3 days off, I’d have actually done something like clean out my fridge.  But you’d be wrong.  Monday was spent just recovering from the (self-inflicted) insanity of the child’s birthday party.  Tuesday was yard work because I was having anxiety attacks over my seeds not being started yet.  And Wednesday was a catch up on chores day.

But I did pull out a few things that were glaringly past their prime.

Like these hotdogs.  Eek.  Most of them looked fine, but I honestly couldn’t remember when I bought them.  And there was a half that was leftover from a lunch that was black.  Seriously.  Gross.

The bread heel was on the verge of moldy, so it probably could’ve been ground for bread crumbs.  But I knew I wouldn’t get around to it for a while and saving it to do later might have just pushed me over the edge.  Because I already have millions of bread ends in the pantry and freezer that have yet to be processed.  And I really didn’t need a reminder of yet another uncompleted project.

The small jar to the right is a bit of avocado that had turned brown.  I meant to throw it in the guacamole I served at the party because a little brown avocado isn’t going to taint an entire batch, but I forgot.  Big surprise.

Lastly, there is a little jar of beet juice.  It was a by-product of thawing some roasted beets and in my crazy mind, I thought I could use it for something.  Then I left it on the counter for 3 days.  Not good.

Then last night I tried to salvage this mango and it just wasn’t appetizing.

It didn’t taste awful, and it probably could’ve been frozen for smoothies, but I decided to cut my losses and send it to the compost.

I’m sure there is a bit more waste hiding behind the 8 containers of fruit sauce I made for Allison’s party, so I’ll tackle the fridge this weekend.  Most of it should still be good and we’re going to do our best to consume or preserve everything we can.  Yay, deep freeze!

Although I am stumped on how to quickly use up the enormous quantity of spinach and cabbage I have on hand since it doesn’t freeze well.  I can only make so many green smoothies and we’re not a big cole slaw family.  Suggestions?

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5 Responses to Food Waste Friday | Tip of the Iceberg

  1. Katie says:

    Spinach smoothies seem to be a big thing right now on pinterest. You add in fairly assertive fruit like pineapple.

  2. If you blanch the spinach for a few seconds (put it in boiling water then a cold water bath), you can freeze it and then later add it to things like pasta sauce, soups, etc. That’s what I do when I have extra spinach that needs to be eaten up. Just chop it to the size you want it before blanching it.

  3. My friend makes a delicious spinach pie by filling a pie crust with spinach, Parmesan cheese and a little nutmeg with another crust on top. Bake until the crusts are golden brown. It’s always a hit anywhere she takes it.

  4. Jess says:

    Could you just steam the spinach. It wilts to almost nothing, so it’s easy to eat as a side or sneak into things like soups, pastas, ravioli or shell fillings. Or toss the silted stuff into a quiche with some ham and cheese?

    Do you like stuffed cabbage (lots of work, though) or cabbage soup (super easy)?

  5. Jennifer says:

    You have cabbage? This is my family’s favorite salad-as-a-meal. Even my kids eat it. It calls for napa cabbage but I always use regular because it’s usually cheap. It’s like a chinese chicken salad.