Goal Update | March Wrap Up

I’m not looking forward to this month’s goal report…  March has just been a rough month for me organizationally, financially, and personally.  Although, we have done a lot of things, just not the ones that I had planned.  Let’s hope that April is a bit smoother.

Health Goals

  • Finish weeks 3-6 in the c25k program.  I fell off the wagon the last couple weeks with party prep and being on vacation.  But I ran week 4 day 2 yesterday and plan to run tomorrow.  I feel so much better when I’m active, so that is great motivation to keep going.  And the reassurance that my body is capable of so much more than my mind gives it credit for is pretty awesome, too.
  • Complete 20-30 minutes of yoga 2-3 times per week.  I’ve pretty much stunk at this.  But it is really helpful for easing my sore running muscles, so on the list it stays! 
  • Review my supplement regiment and replenish supply.  Next sale on supplements and I’m going to be stocking up.  I’m out of vitamin D and plan to try adding zinc and vitamin C.  I also need to order my fish oil since I took my last dose a few nights ago.

Financial Goals

  • Try new bill paying system.  I didn’t really care for the new budget system, so I’m going back to my tried and true method. 
  • Cancel credit cards.  So, I kinda forgot about this…  Moving to April.
  • Shop for a new home/car/life insurance provider.  I’m going to call an insurance broker today.  Really.  I swear.
  • Prioritize saving goals with Matt.  I think we have this pretty well hammered out.

Family Goals

  • Have at least two at-home date nights and maybe one real date?  We haven’t really done anything that could officially qualify as a date, but Matt and I have been spending more time together lately and the result has been some good, productive conversation.
  • Print off new activity sheets for Allison.  I did print off a Connect the Dots worksheet that I quickly learned was too advanced of a skill for her.  I guess it would help if she could draw a straight line first.  I did also make her a lacing card but she seemed to lose interest in it pretty quickly.  That girl has to be on the move all. the. time.
  • Plan some fun “staycation” activities for Allison for when I’m on vacation.  Vacation was a bit of a bust.  We spent a lot of time playing outside in the yard, but didn’t really go anywhere while I was off.  But I’m taking another week in April while my MIL/babysitter is on vacation, so hopefully we will be able to get out on the town a bit then.

Home Goals

  • Clean out the playroom and donate some toys to make room for new ones that will inevitably arrive on her birthday.  She didn’t really get much in the way of inside toys for her birthday, so this has become less of an immediate need.  Yes, it still needs to be done because she has too. much. crap. but it can wait a bit longer.
  • Shred old paperwork from file cabinets and organize current files.  Yep.  Not done.  But I am need of some shredded paper to add to the compost, so if I’m knocking out two projects with one task, maybe I’ll be more motivated to get it done?
  • Work on a manageable cleaning schedule.  I have actually been making some progress on this.  I’ve started mopping the floors the last Monday of every month and washing the towels every other Friday.  It’s not down in writing yet, so I’m still going to leave this on the list until I get a more comprehensive schedule mapped out. 
  • Start seeds for veggie garden.  Done.  I was practically outside planting seeds as soon as the last guest left Allison’s party.  And I already have some seedlings sprouting!

Personal Goals

  • Pull out the (new to me) serger and figure out how to use it!  Then serge edges of diaper wipes.  I’m almost feeling like this just needs to be bumped from the list because I have so many other things taking priority right now.  But I’m not quite ready to let it go yet…
  • Buy some new clothes that actually fit.  I didn’t do any shopping in March, but I did have a friend give me some hand-me-downs that will help supplement my wardrobe.  I still need some basic items to complete certain outfits, though.

Blogging Goals

  • Install a new theme to my blog.  As I’m writing this post, I’m wondering why in the world all text with a strike-through line changes to red.  I’m guessing that means I need to play around with Headway a bit more…  (Update:  Apparently this only happens during composition.  Weird.)
  • Finish designing a blog button.  Still struggling with ideas.  Suggestions are welcome! 
  • Shoot some photos for future blog posts.  I did actually take some photos while I was on vacation last week.  And promptly left them on my hard-drive at home.  Which I rarely access.  I could say that this would be the cause for my sporadic posting this week, but that would only be a half truth.

Wow.  So out of 19 things, I completed 6 of them.  Ouch.  Perhaps I’m a little over-ambitious??  However, these are all things that are important for me to get done, so I don’t really know where to cut.  Perhaps I need to go back and reread Tell Your Time* because I’m afraid I may have forgotten that I only have 24 hours in a day.  Here’s hoping April will be a more productive month…

*You can currently purchase Amy Lynn Andrew’s Tell Your Time eBook for $2.99 with promo code: SPRING12

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