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Most of this list is going to look a *little* familiar since I didn’t complete so much of my March list…  I guess I need to start mainlining 5 Hour Energy or adding bulk caffeine to everything I consume because I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here.  So I’ve left the remaining 13 to-dos from last month and just added a couple of new ones so as not to guarantee failure in April.

Health Goals

  • Finish weeks 5-7 in the c25k program.  I’m going to cut myself a little slack on my running schedule this month.  Especially since I struggle with running at home and I’ll be off for a week this month.  So the goal will be to complete 3 weeks of c25k in April.
  • Complete 20-30 minutes of yoga 2-3 times per week.  Since I haven’t been putting yoga on my daily to do lists, I’ve noticed that it’s much harder to make time to do it.  So it’s on the list for today and I’m going to try to keep up the momentum.  And I’m sure it will help that I’m kinda achy today… 
  • Review my supplement regiment and replenish supply.  I have a trip to CVS on my to do list this week, so I’m gonna bring my coupons and see if I can get stocked up on pills.  I’m debating if I should continue taking the fish oil, though.  I didn’t really notice much difference after taking it for two months.  But maybe it’s one of those things that you may not FEEL different, even though it’s helping?

Financial Goals

  • Cancel credit cards.  Both Matt and I are taking some vacation this month, so I think we can manage a couple 5 minute phone calls then.
  • Shop for a new home/car/life insurance provider.  I did call an insurance broker last Thursday (yay for public accountibility), so now I’m just waiting for the quotes to come back.

Family Goals

  • Have at least two at-home date nights and maybe one real date?  Our wedding anniversary is this month, so I’m hoping we can at least get out of the house for that but our main babysitter is in Hawaii for 10 days, so that may put a crimp in our (already crippled) social life.
  • Plan some fun “staycation” activities for Allison for when I’m on vacation.  I’ve got another shot at this staycation gig since I took off the week my babysitter is out-of-town.  And I’m thinking it’s time this kid visited The Arch.  I’m sure we’ll also try to plan some play dates and hit up storytime at the library.

Home Goals

  • Clean out the playroom.  I do still want to clean out Allison’s playroom and put away some of the baby toys and donate items that she just has too much of.  Like play food.  I’m all about cooking, but she certainly doesn’t need 8 ice cream cones floating all over the house.  Plus we have to make room for the Barbie’s to come.  I’ve been saving these suckers for 20+ years and I’ll be damned if they sit up in the attic another year.
  • Shred old paperwork from file cabinets and organize current files.  Okay, so I raked up some leaves and such for the compost bin so my idea of killing two birds with one stone isn’t really relevant motivation anymore.  But this item is going to stay on the list until it’s done.
  • Work on a manageable cleaning schedule.  I thrive on routine and the things that I have managed to set up on a schedule are running so much smoother.  And when the house is running smoother, I’m a lot less crazy.  And when I’m less crazy, we’re all happier.  So even though I know I don’t need to have a spotless home in this season of my life, keeping up on household chores does make our home happier in many ways. 
  • Plan a yard sale.  We still have some things that we held onto after last September’s sale, so we plan to make another attempt at getting rid of those items and also going through the house a little more ruthlessly.  Because I don’t even bake pies, so why do I need 5 pie plates?
  • Regrout tile in hallway.  Again.  I knew I didn’t do a great job when I grouted because the mixture was really dry and crumbly.  But I hoped it might last about 6 months.  WRONG.  So it needs to be done again because little pieces of black crap are everywhere and making me stabby.

Personal Goals

  • Pull out the (new to me) serger and figure out how to use it!  Then serge edges of diaper wipes.  This project has been nagging me for months and I just can’t give it up after all this time.  I know.  I’m stubborn. 
  • Buy some new clothes that actually fit.  I started a closet clean out a couple of months ago but now that the season has changed (90º today??!), I’m thinking I need to go through my clothes again.  And make a new list of items to purchase.  Because I do so much better when I have a specific list than when I just go buy “cute” things only to find out that I don’t have shoes to go with it.  What I really need is Granamals for grown-ups.

Blogging Goals

  • Take a self-portrait.  This is actually a personal and blogging goal because while I’m having fun playing around with my tripod, this is something I’ve been meaning to do for the blog as well.
  • Write ahead.  I did this for a while and really liked having posts ready to go, but don’t always plan out the prep work in time.  For April I have a pretty solid blogging plan so I’ll be in good shape if I can just keep up with the projects and photography.  Plus, as I’m getting more familiar with my camera, taking photos is getting easier.

Well, I’m sure I could write a mile long to do list, but after last month’s disappointment, I better stop here.  I think 16 things is enough for now.  What are your goals for April?

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