Food Waste Friday | Struggling

I have been struggling with trying to keep up around the house these past several weeks.  And my food waste shows it. 

Last night was the first time that I actually cooked dinner this week.  I had this great idea of throwing the remaining broccoli and cabbage that had been languishing in the fridge for a while in our Mongolian beef/stir fry.  But when I pulled them out, they were a little brown and fuzzy.  Green bags actually do work, but I’m pretty sure four weeks is pushing their limits.

Speaking of things that have been in the fridge for four weeks.  That boiled cabbage from St Patty’s Day finally had to go.  I had good intentions of trying to repurpose it, but nothing that I saw really sounded too appetizing.

Grapefruit is not a usual purchase for me and this one was actually snuck in the cart by Allison.  And since Matt is the only one that likes grapefruit, it sat around for a while before being cut up and then sat around some more in the fridge.  Now it can sit in the trash because it’s moldy and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to put grapefruit in the compost?

The two containers on the left are both noodles that were portioned out for Allison.  Except apparently she doesn’t like noodles anymore.  So after several attempts of feeding them to her different ways, I give up.

The last thing cleared out this morning was a little piece of veggie deep dish pizza.  It was a little small to take to work as a lunch and after a couple of days I totally forgot about it.  I hate wasting any food, but at least this was just a small amount of leftovers.

Our fridge is in desperate need of a thorough clean out, so I think my plan is to clear EVERYTHING out and it’s only going back in if I have a plan to use it in the next week.  Hopefully a clean slate can help me get a handle on all this waste!


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4 Responses to Food Waste Friday | Struggling

  1. Man, I have totally been there. It’s so hard when the kids suddenly decide they don’t like something that they’ve previously loved.
    Starting with a clean slate sounds like a good idea. :)
    It’s always nice to have a clean fridge, at least for a few days anyway! :)

  2. Someone gave me some green produce bags. Do you wash them and use them over?

    • Jen says:

      You know, I don’t know if I have washed them. I usually use them for bananas and bags of spinach, so they don’t really get “dirty.” But I’d think you could wash them if there was some gook in there. I’m pretty sure whatever makes them produce saving is IN the plastic, not on the surface.