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I finally got around to doing a proper fridge clean out this week.  It wasn’t pretty.

All those fruit sauces I made for Allison’s rainbow flavored cupcakes?  Moldy.

Carrots from the garden?  Soggy.

Sliced red bell pepper?  Slimy.

Tomato?  Funky.

And then there’s the beet hummus that nearly had me crying as much as tossing the bison sausage.  I love beet hummus and these particular beets had come from my garden, so it was especially sad that it ended up in the trash rather than my belly. 

Oh, and there’s a little jar of yogurt whey that got moldy.  I have to say that it wasn’t much of a loss.  I have lots more.  Half a gallon in fact from making greek yogurt.  But because I’m not great at remembering to replace cooking liquids with whey, it will probably go towards nourishing my garden.

But I did have some food salvage this week as well.  I made applesauce from some mealy apples.  And I sliced up some bananas and peppers for the freezer because they were on the verge of going bad.

But then I found this in the beer fridge.

Whoops.  Kinda forgot it was down there.  I didn’t even open the bag because while there might have been some salvageable spinach in there, slimy greens kinda squick me out.

On the upside, the fridge is pretty well cleared out.  I still have some cooked cabbage as well as a little spaghetti leftover from a while ago that I hope is still good.  Although if it’s sat uneaten for this long, it’s not a good sign that it will ever be.

How did you do this week?


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3 Responses to Food Waste Friday | The Motherload

  1. I had a bad week this week too, with food waste. Looks like you have a Trader Joe’s nearby – lucky!! Let’s hope next week is better for us both.

  2. I see you like cottage cheese and sour cream. If you store the container upside down, they are not supposed to go bad as quickly.