Meal Plan Monday ~ 4.9.12

Holy late meal plan post! 

I haven’t posted my meal plan yet because I’ve been staring at my calendar all day trying to come up with something inspiring for Friday.  Well, in between mentally starting another garden project that will probably only ever exist in my mind.  So, actually it’s been less meal planning and more unproductively searching for plants that will work in my morning shade/afternoon sun landscape.  BECAUSE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS LOVE SUN.  And I’ve got none to give.  Sigh.

But given that it is 4 o’clock, I figure I’m out of productive thought, so I might as well hit publish. 

Here’s the plan for the week. 

Monday:  Hand-tossed pizza, salad, maybe even some leftover pasta

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Mongolian beef with vegetables, brown rice

Thursday:  Dinner at friends

Friday:  TBD (probably fish or something meatless because our meat reserves are running low)

Saturday:  An anniversary dinner of food truck fare

This was a grocery shopping weekend and normally I would show you pictures or some evidence of my purchases.  But Easter weekend had me out of my routine, so no photos.  But I can tell you that I spent $118 of the $120 I budget for groceries every two weeks.  $15 for eggs and some produce at the farmer’s market, $40 at Trader Joe’s (ground beef, salsa, nuts, goat cheese, and cookies), and about $60 at Aldi for the basics. 

We still need a few things from the regular grocery, so I bumped up the budget by $20 this week to cover those expenses.  Not something I would usually do, but I don’t think we can live for two weeks without bread or brown sugar.  And I hate using all the money on day 1 and having to scrounge for the next two weeks.  So that will provide a little cushion since we typically will run out of something mid-week.  Unfortunately this is becoming a more frequent occurence lately so I’m thinking we may need to make some adjustments.

How often do you reevaluate your food budget?

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