Operation Save | Let’s Not Talk About March

Last month was our first month without making a single credit card payment!!  Well, unless you count that $4.91 in prorated interest, but I don’t.

Last month was also supposed to be the beginning of Operation Save.  But it wasn’t. 

You see, the combination of trying out a new banking system and going EXTREMELY over budget with Allison’s birthday kinda screwed me up.  We abandoned the cash system because I hadn’t budgeted appropriately (read: at all) and I’m not even exactly sure where I spent the money. 

I mean, I know WHERE (Hobby Lobby), just not what budget categories because should mini-muffin tins be categorized as party expenses or household?  What about party food that we ended up eating before the big day?  It all just got too confusing, so I threw up my hands and said to hell with it. 

And I’ve made my peace with that.

Sure, I’d like to have every month balanced down to the penny, but it can’t always be that perfect.  And while this extreme example should be avoided, it was definitely a learning experience.  Because next year?  I’m not serving a meal.

So, Operation Save got postponed a month because I have no clue how much we actually saved in March.  I’m pretty sure it was at least $4.  Maybe even more than $12.

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One Response to Operation Save | Let’s Not Talk About March

  1. I so hear you. I have a ‘lil Dollar store habit and I seem to be nickel and dime-ing ourselves to death. We’re going on the cash system too….soon. 😉