Food Waste Friday | When Will I Learn?

Who would’ve thought my first post in nearly two weeks would be a food waste report??  Not me.  But as I was cleaning out the fridge this week, I just automatically started setting up to take photos of my moldy food out of habit, so I thought, “Why not?  I might as well post it.”

Overall, nothing too bad…  The large yogurt containers are actually leftover whey from draining yogurt.  I had attempted a cheese-making experiment with the liquid, but it didn’t turn out, so I had stuck it back in the fridge until I could use it in something else.  And I forgot about it, of course.  One container had pink mold around the top but the other didn’t seem bad, so I diluted it and watered my plants with the mixture.  I’ve heard it’s good for the plants, but I’m a little nervous that it’s going to hurt my weak little seedlings.  They already seem to be teetering on the edge.  *crossing fingers*

On the left I have some leftover soup that I made when I was sick but it really wasn’t very good so the leftovers sat in the fridge.  Because I apparently haven’t learned that if I don’t like something the first time, it’s not going to get better with time…

Above that is some spinach that I had attempted to wilt and it ended up turning into unappetizing mush.  Of course I saved it, but again, I need to learn to cut my loses when something doesn’t turn out as planned.

Then we have a small container of penne with marinara sauce that I made for Allison.  But apparently she doesn’t eat pasta anymore.  Sigh.  Feeding this kid is such a battle.

Lastly, we have a few browned apple slices.  Leftovers from a snack that went unnoticed?  It’s tough to keep control of your fridge when you are at work 50 hours a week, so I decided they should be sent to the compost.


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