Is it… Meal Plan Monday??

You may remember in my last post (a month ago) that I casually mentioned that I had stopped cooking, cleaning, or doing pretty much anything household-related outside of paying the electric bill.  I’m here to report that stayed pretty much the same throughout the month of July.  The End.  What a great blog post.*

I should just stop there because I know how interesting my adventures in housekeeping are to the world.**

But when have I been know to use a verbal filter??  EXACTLY.  Don’t complain that you weren’t warned.

At first it was such a relief to not have to plan, shop for, and prepare a meal.  And of course, Allison didn’t mind because all she ever wants to eat are crackers and raisins anyway.  But slowly, it got harder and harder to imagine quesadillas for dinner AGAIN.  And somehow, the dishes continued to pile on the counter even though the only thing I was making regularly was yogurt.  (Which incidentally is mostly worthless without granola.)

It was like highly evolved mice with opposable thumbs were raiding my kitchen every night, getting angry that I hadn’t left anything for them to eat, and ransacking the place in retaliation.  So every morning, I would wake up to a counter full of dirty dishes and nothing to take to work for lunch.  But I wasn’t going to clean up after those damn mice, so it would build and build, until my mother in law would come to watch the kid and the magical dish fairy would show up.  It’s just too bad that I can’t get that dish fairy to show up on the weekends.

But after a month (read: a least 2 months) of eating rotisserie chickens, cereal, and the occasional ice cream dinner, Matt finally begged me on Saturday to go back to meal planning.  And I’m nothing if not an appeasing wife.  STOP LAUGHING.

Fine.  I agreed because I almost had a psychotic break after cleaning out the fridge.  Food waste makes me very, very sad.

So, I bestow upon you a meal plan fit for a lazy working mom.

Sunday:  Linner (lunch+dinner) of grilled pizza margarita.  So delicious.  So filling that we didn’t even cook dinner.  But then we were starving at 8 o’clock, so we ate leftover rice and ice cream.

Monday:  Grilled pork chops, parmesan noodles, frozen veg

Tuesday:  Crock pot chicken with potatoes and carrots from the garden

Wednesday:  Spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday: Picnic at the pool

Friday:  Fried rice composed of leftovers

Saturday:  TBD as we might be attending a party where dinner is provided.  I don’t know if I can pass up Pappy’s BBQ.

*Because I’ve pretty much stopped writing for anyone other than myself, I assumed that you all know what I’m referencing by, “The End.  What a great blog post.”  But in case you don’t know (which often I don’t even know what I am saying myself), it’s a play on my daughter’s conclusion to every bedtime story we read.  Just sub “story” for “blog post.”  It is adorably charming until she starts demanding that she needs it darker to sleep.  Then brighter.  Then darker.  Then drunker.  Oh wait.  That’s me. 

**Confirmed by the fact that my blog traffic is actually BETTER when I’m not posting.  *head/desk*

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2 Responses to Is it… Meal Plan Monday??

  1. Jennifer says:

    Summer meal planning isn’t my favorite. I’m not in the mood to shop, not in the mood to cook, and only in the mood to eat ice cream.

  2. Born27 says:

    I love your meal plan! I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!