Goals? What Goals?

Wow.  This is going to be kinda like that movie that showed the ending first and went backwards.  (Anyone know what movie I’m talking about?*)  Because when I started composing this post, I really just expected to write a progress report for my 2012 goals.  (Exciting, I know.)  But upon completion, I realized that perhaps my choice of goals were a bit off base to begin with and not really made to last an entire year.  So I moved the conclusion up to the top and did some troubleshooting – stream of consciousness-style.

Goal setting has always been difficult for me.  Am I too specific, not specific enough?  How long should I allow to accomplish the goal?  Is this really a goal, or more of a To Do? 

I’m afraid that I got a little hung up on “New Years Resolutions” in January and that structure just doesn’t work particularly well for all of these goals.  Try a gluten-free diet was a great goal to have…  For 6 weeks.  Now it’s just silly to have on the list, but my Type A personality won’t. let. me. take. it. off.

But I’m going to push myself and scrap the idea of ‘2012 goals’ and start fresh.

I will say revisiting these goals after being away for several months has helped me identify where I might be struggling.  Not only at goal follow-through, but also with goal setting.  I left the run down below if you want to read on.  Or just catch up on what I’ve been doing these past few months.  And hopefully as I continue to work at this process, things will get easier.

2012 Goals


  • Go Gluten Free  I attempted this back in January and didn’t notice a drastic difference, so after 6 weeks I returned to my regular “real food” diet.  It wasn’t all for naught, though.  I did learn that a carb heavy breakfast weighs me down and I feel so much better all day if I stay away from wheat in the morning.  Somewhat related, I did add fermented cod liver oil and probiotic supplements to my treatment plan and was able to GET OFF ALL MY CROHN’S MEDS!!  And once I was off the immuno-suppressants, my brain fog drastically improved.  Which was pretty much the catalyst for trying the GF diet.  So, I can think AND eat pasta.  Win-win!
  • C25k  I’m so busted on this one.  Although I have been getting the itch to try again, so maybe now that the weather isn’t so Hellish…?
  • Regular Stretching  There have been some successes on this fitness front.  I now multi-task and stretch while brushing my teeth.  Two minutes is better than nothing, yes?
  • Go To Bed/Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier  The best thing I’ve bought in years is a Sleep Number bed.  I’m still getting used to it, but in the few weeks we’ve owned it, I can tell that I’m getting better sleep and don’t hate the world when my alarm goes off.  At least as much.


  • Pay Off Last Credit Card  Oh, yeah.  This is so done.
  • Earn an Extra $100/month  Lately it’s been more like spending an extra $100/month.  But I can appreciate where the money is going and summer is supposed to be more care-free…  Right?
  • Save for a New (to us) Car  We have saved up approximately half of what we need to buy a decent (in my standards) replacement car for Matt.  However, I suspect that we may end up needing to replace our roof first because we can’t switch our homeowner’s insurance until that has been done.  And I’m so over AAA.


  • At Home Date Nights  Sigh.  It’s become pretty apparent that we stink at this.  It’s just when we are at home, it’s so easy to be distracted by other responsibilities and not be able to focus on eat other.
  • Structured Playtime/Activities for Allison  While I haven’t necessarily organized anything specific, Allison has had a great summer filled with activities.  We’ve been swimming, to the zoo, paddle-boating and many other things.  And at home, I’m busting out the creativity and constructing things like indoor hopscotch, homemade hammocks, and reading nook tents.  It’s been a little contest between Matt and I that I like to call, Awesomest Parent.  I’m so winning.  Although his idea for camping in the backyard was pretty sweet.


  • Reduce Waste/Trash  Let’s just forget I even said anything about this.  The summer has been horrible and thinking about all the food we have let go to waste makes me stabby.  Getting back on the meal plan train should definitely help, though.
  • Cleaning: It’s a Good Thing  I’ve thrown in the towel on trying to keep a clean house.  So, I’m auditioning housekeepers and I may hire someone to come out on a regular basis.  I’ve decided that I only have so much time in a week and cleaning falls far below spending time with my family and cooking wholesome food in my priorities.  And I’m done letting my dirty floors trick me into thinking I’m inadequate, so I’m outsourcing the task. 
  • Tackle One Home Repair Project Per Month  With my new BFF, Errands To Do List app, I’m tackling those projects bit by bit.  Every time I think of a new forgotten project, I add it to the list and whenever I have some free time I scroll through the list and see if there is anything I can do within my allotted time.  I’ve built a compost tumbler (or watched my awesome neighbor build me a compost tumbler), regrouted tile (again), and done a lot of organizing just in the last month.  There’s still a lot of unfinished projects floating around from little tasks to large endeavors, but I’m slowly knocking them out.


  • Budget Time for Hobbies  I have been spending more time in the kitchen lately, which is always fun for me.  I need to get reaquainted with my camera, but those times are challenging to schedule with a moody 3-year-old involved.
  • Me time  I’m the worst at spending time, money, etc on myself.  I’ve needed new bras for months now and just can’t seem to take the time to drive out to the bra shop.  Fortunately for me, my last haircut has grown out incredibly well, so I don’t quite look homeless yet.
  • Intentional Blogging  I’ll admit, this is a tough one for me now.  My view on blogging just isn’t the same as it was at the beginning of the year.  But I hope to continue to spend some time in the blogosphere and hope that you will understand when I’m elsewhere.

*I couldn’t stand not knowing so I Googled it.  The answer is Momento.  And strangely, Google knew what I was talking about by “that movie in reverse chronological order.”  I kept thinking it was Donnie Darko, but I don’t remember there being a bunny moving backwards, so I knew that wasn’t right.  I *think* I watched them both in the same weekend, though (10 years ago) so that would explain the correlation/mix up.

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