Hello… ello… ello…

After my summer hiatus from blogging, I honestly wasn’t sure if I was ever going to return.  It was really liberating to not have the pressure of getting a post up five days a week.  Because while I really enjoy sharing my life with you readers (if there are any of you left), it was really stressful as well.  And that sucked the fun out of a lot of activities.

But on the flip side, there was something missing by not documenting our adventures.  And I realized that I blog as much for myself as I do for you. 

Meal Plan Monday keeps my family well fed without blowing the budget.  Goal updates keep me focused on improvement.  Operation Save reminds me to be intentional with my spending.  And the day-to-day stuff serves as a scrapbook of sorts since I can’t remember jack crap.

So as the seasons change and I (hopefully) have more time to dedicate to my little piece of the Internet, I hope to return to a more regular blogging schedule.  And I hope that you are there to accompany me on my adventures.  Because these chickens are going to be all kinds of crazy blog fodder.

But I’m also going to try to cut myself some slack and not get (too) upset if I don’t get that post written on time, or most of my pictures are taken with my phone.  My life is far from perfect, so why should I strive to portray that illusion online?

Me, shortly after arriving to work, wet hair, glasses, and unkempt brows. 

And if you’re out there, reading, please say “Hello!”  Because it is nice to have the illusion that you aren’t just talking to yourself.



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8 Responses to Hello… ello… ello…

  1. Cori says:

    You aren’t just talking to yourself! Although sometimes that can be just as comforting!

  2. Julie says:

    Welcome Back!

  3. don’t feel the pressure to post 5 days a week if it’s too much! post whenever you damn well please! Sometimes I post everyday, sometimes once a week….we’re not going anywhere

  4. Melissa says:

    I second the posting when ever you feel like it. Welcome back!

  5. Deanna says:

    I wish I had taken a summer off from blogging. A break sounds fabulous right about now! And posting 5 days a week???? that’s insanity! Just post three times and we will still all love you just as much!