Meet The Flockers

(I apologize in advance.  Bad chicken puns are running rampant around these parts lately.)

I know you’ve all been DYING to meet the chickens.

Chena is a black copper maran and is very much the leader of the flock.  She’s also a demanding bitch.  If you don’t have food immediately ready for her to feast, she’ll peck you.  I have the scars to prove it.  I chose her name because cena means “dinner” in Italian.  Sadly, she has the upper hand because she’s the only one regularly laying since the move.  Her eggs are a dark chocolate brown and she holds the record for laying the largest egg I’ve ever seen, which turned out to be twins! 

Krissa is an Americauna and lays blue/green eggs.  Her namesake is actually our neighbor across the street because the first couple nights we noticed that she went to bed super early, just like Chris.  Awww.  The boys prefer to call her Elvis because of her mutton chops.  Which might be slightly more accurate.  She is a bit of a loner, wandering off on her own more than the other chickens.  She’s also a tad spastic, regularly sprinting across the yard, I suspect trying to take flight.  She was also my favorite until she ate all my cilantro seedlings in the herb garden.


Fadra is the dumbest of all the chickens.  Which is pretty bad because the bar is already really low.  But she has beautiful flame hued feathers, which is where Fadra, meaning “fiery,” came from.  She is a Rhode Island Red mix and lays brown eggs.


Then there is Bess.  Poor plain, under-appreciated Bess.  Also a Rhode Island Red mix, but her plumage is a bit more ordinary.  She appears to be plagued with egg-stapation and can’t crap a solid turd to save her life so her butt is always covered in poop.  No wonder the other chickens pick on her.

And that’s our brood.  Feel free to throw poultry questions my way and I’ll answer them in future posts.  Because if these chickens aren’t going to lay eggs consistently, at least they can earn their keep as blog fodder.

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One Response to Meet The Flockers

  1. lay off the chickens (haha! I’m funny too)
    I bet if you were just picked up and moved you’d be hard presses to lay eggs too