2013: The Year of the Snake

That title has absolutely nothing to do about this post.  Although to be honest, I don’t really have an outline, so we’re rocking it “stream-of-consciousness-style” and maybe a snake will sneak in there somewhere and we’ll both be surprised.

I know, you’re probably like, “She came out of the woodwork to post some random words about non-existent snakes?  WTF.”  But I always tend to post when I’m sick, maybe because I’m a little loopy and find myself extra-ordinarily funny at the time.  Or it could just be that when I’m sick I’m pretty incapable of doing anything else remotely productive, so this makes me feel better about myself.  Either way, I don’t have the mental capacity to analyze it too much.

That’s not my only motivation, though. 

I’ve been thinking about this here corner of the Internet a lot lately.  And while I AM NOT SAYING I’M BACK TO BLOGGING*, I did miss writing.  And it’s a new year and all, so I figure I should get down some chronicle of the last year and maybe even leak a few things to look forward to this year.

2012 wasn’t particularly memorable in and of itself, but I do believe that it was a year of big growth.  We’ve finally settled into a good groove – socially, financially, and health-wise.

I’ve gotten much better at balancing my time and admitting I can’t do it all.  Our budget is more solid than it has ever been.  And I have been doing well off of my Crohn’s medications for over 6 months.

Matt’s been up to some positive changes also.  He is back on the job hunt, gave up soda nearly a month ago, and is almost ready to try quitting smoking again.  I am so happy for him and grateful he is taking these steps because Lord knows I lack any will-power and his efforts keep me motivated.

So, thank you 2012 for not being the last year of existence, because I think 2013 is gonna kick your ass!

*Because we all know how well that’s ended in the past.

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