A New Perspective

A few months ago I had to password protect my phone because a certain little girl was getting too smart for her own good and rearranging apps, deleting emails, and calling Australia.

She has since figured out that with the new Apple iOS 6 upgrade, you can open the camera without unlocking the screen.

Then as I was looking for a particular photo today on my camera roll, I found HUNDREDS of pictures like this.


And this.

Ah, the world through the eyes of a 3 year-old.

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2 Responses to A New Perspective

  1. Love the pictures especially the first one. Do you think that was intentional or just learning how to use the camera?

    • Jen says:

      I think it’s mostly that she loves pushing buttons. Although she is gaining more appreciation for the final product, so I think she’s been a bit more intentional of what she’s aiming towards these days.

      And you have no idea how excited I am that there are still readers out there! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi!