Christmas 2012 Postmortem

Picture it, December 23rd, 2012.  Two days before Christmas.  And I did NOTHING. 

It wasn’t because I was curled up in the fetal position under the Christmas tree.  It was because I was done with my preparations and enjoying the holiday.  Which for me equates to sleeping in and eating (lots of) cookies.

I didn’t cook or clean.  I just fixed my family a simple dinner and stepped over toys.

IMG_0796[1]Gifts had been purchased online, received (mostly), and wrapped.  Christmas cards were created early for the first time ever.

And it was the most enjoyable Christmas in my adult life.

I’m not sure at what point Christmas began to spiral out of control for me, but my recent memories are full of gift-giving anxiety, scrambling to complete last-minute tasks, and overwhelming social schedules.

I did many things this year that helped simplify the season, like planning and shopping online.  But that was only part of it.

It was almost unintentional, but I believe the biggest difference this year was I lowered my expectations.

I didn’t care if the house was immaculate for the cookie party as long as we could find the kitchen counters.  I wasn’t freaking out because that last gift didn’t arrive on time.  I was content with Allison only getting three gifts from us (and one from Santa).

IMG_0779[1]We spent the holiday season visiting Christmas lights displays, not searching for a parking spot at the mall.

It was exactly what I had always wanted but never had the resolve to commit to.

I said no to the homemade gifts, stayed off Pinterest, and resisted the pressure to search endlessly for the “perfect” gift.  And on December 23rd I can honestly say I wasn’t dying for it to just be over and I’m even excited for next Christmas.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season as well.  Happy New Year!

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