20130330-233332.jpgI’m not into fads, but I hear so many people saying that Whole30 CHANGED THEIR LIVES and I’m at the point where I’d do anything (even give up cheese) to feel that good. Because the near constant fatigue most likely caused by one of my adoring autoimmune diseases is threatening to push me over the edge.

So I’m using Whole30 as sort of an elimination diet to see if I can identify any foods that are throwing fuel on the fatigue fire. Then after the 30 days, I will slowly reintroduce the suspect foods and cross my fingers it’s not dairy. Because life without ice cream would be sad.

The diet is based around a strict Paleo lifestyle, eating healthy meats, loads of vibrant veggies, and good for you fats. I’m currently working on my meal plans/shopping lists to ensure that I’m prepared with easy meals that won’t have me desperately crying into the fridge because I. can’t. eat. anything.

But I’m hoping for more than just better health after this month. I want to prove to myself that I am CAPABLE of doing something daring. Being strong and not giving up.

I realize how ridiculous that may sound to many people. I’m restricting myself to gorgeous, healthy food for 30 days. How could that be difficult?

But even for someone like me that spends hours in the kitchen every week making food from scratch, this will be difficult. So please wish me luck as I attempt to make mayonnaise again for the first time since that debacle in college. I still have nightmares about that.

And once this month is over, I hope to have a new relationship with food. One where I don’t rely on sweets and carbs for comfort.

Yes, this will be hard. But it can’t be worse than living on a clear liquid diet through a Crohn’s attack. And nothing but good things can come from this.

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