Meal Plan Monday {Whole30} 4/1

I am halfway through my first day of Whole30.  I can already see some issues that I need to work on.  I have decided to keep a food diary to monitor my symptoms and it looks like I am only on target to hit 850 calories today.  Obviously, I will be passed out by 7 o’clock if that continues.  And actually, I can already feel the symptoms starting to hit.  So sleepy.  However, not at all hungry.  I guess that’s the upside.  I was afraid that I would be ravenous all day without my carbs.

Of course, meal planning will be key to my success on this diet, so here is the week in food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and food prep.*  (Subject to change if I need to add additional calories.)

Meal-Plan-Template-Whole30 Week1


*I used The Nourishing Home’s meal plan template but made a few changes.

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