Whole30 {Week 1}

One week down!

As I was looking for inspiration, I came across several blogs that did a day by day run down of their experience on Whole30 and I found it incredibly helpful.  So I thought I would do the same in a slightly condensed weekly version.  I’m sorry if this is a really long post, so I won’t be offended if you don’t care what I’m eating every day and just want to skip to the bottom.

Day 1

I had done all the planning I could, but nothing prepares you really for that first day when you have to get up, prep your food for the. entire. day. and get yourself to work on time.  So while I managed to put together a decent salad for lunch, breakfast ended up being a hard-boiled egg and an apple.  I managed to make it through the snacking hour with a clementine and several walks around the office, but knew I had to bulk up my meals if I was going to make it 30 days.

IMG_1216[1]Dinner that first night was technically very tasty.  But the balsamic chicken, which has been a long-standing favorite in my kitchen, just didn’t satisfy my hunger.  I spent the rest of the evening craving sugar in the form of bread, cake, ice cream, and OH MY GOD THERE IS SO MUCH EASTER CANDY IN MY HOUSE.  It was pretty rough, so I decided to just go to bed and hope that I didn’t dream about peanut butter eggs.

Day 2

Tuesdays are my work from home days, so I didn’t have to pack up my kitchen.  That was the only upside.  The rest of the day was pretty shit-tastic.  I pulled out some smoked salmon, cold asparagus, and cherry tomatoes to start the day but ended up just staring at my plate for nearly an hour.  When I did finally start eating, it was pretty slow since I just wasn’t feeling very hungry.  But after my skimpy breakfast the day before, I knew I needed to get it down or I’d be starving come lunch time.

Lunch was a bit of a debacle.  I had planned on making salmon salad, but my attempt at making mayo was a big fail.  So, I ended up eating a stalk of celery with almond butter and raisins, then an apple a bit later.  Needless to say, I was ready to stab someone by 3 o’clock.  Even with a mid-afternoon snack of some pistachios.  Fortunately, I had thrown a beef roast and carrots in the crock pot that morning, so I just ate my dinner early.  Then about an hour later, I ate half an avocado because I was still hungry.

Then the nausea began.  I retired to bed shortly after returning from Allison’s dance class with my beloved heating pad, hoping what I imagined was a little carb flu would go away by morning.  It did but I had a restless night, waking up at regular intervals.  And I was SO THIRSTY.  But when my alarm went off at 7:15, I was feeling much better.  Plus the chapped lips that have been plaguing me all winter were dramatically improved!  Things appear to be looking up.

Day 3

I was a little worried about starting off day 3 with just an apple and some almond butter, but it turned out to be pretty satisfying and I didn’t even feel the need for a morning snack.  Lunch was beef roast and carrot leftovers, plus a small salad.  It was good, but it didn’t keep me from reaching for the almonds mid-afternoon.  I know I used to instinctively snack at work, sometimes out of legitimate hunger, but also sometimes out of boredom or routine.  I have been making a concerted effort to postpone snacking until I am sure that I’m really hungry.  So, taking a walk around the office or drinking a glass of water before grabbing a snack has really helped me focus on what my body wants.


Dinner was grilled pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli, and baked sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts.  And HALLELUJAH!  It was the first time I had felt satiated since starting the Whole30!  That sweet potato was so good.  So perhaps I’m missing some carbs.  But I went to bed that night tired, but full.

Day 4

I had baked off a few extra sweet potatoes the night before and decided to try making a quick hot breakfast.  I mashed up one potato with an egg and attempted to make a sweet potato pancake.  It didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped, but it was still good.  I mean, how can you screw up sweet potato?  And I tossed in a couple dried cranberries for a little treat.  I thought it would be weird to eat broccoli for breakfast, but it wasn’t that bad.  It wasn’t that great either, but that’s okay.  And since I had the pan out, I threw in an egg for protein.  Overall, a well-rounded breakfast.


I ventured out into the big bad world for the first time for lunch with some co-workers.  We went to Cracker Barrel and I was surprised that there were actually a couple safe options.  They offered a grilled fish with three sides, but I wasn’t quite as sure on safe side dish choices, so I went with a roasted turkey salad.  I avoided the fried sweet potato straws and deviled eggs, assuming they were prepared with canola/vegetable oil or conventional mayo, but otherwise was very satisfied.  At least for a while.  I ended up snacking a lot in the afternoon with a banana and almond butter and again with some smoked salmon.

But for the second night in a row, dinner was AMAZING.  I made grilled fish tacos.  This is a meal I make often, but subbed the tortilla for a butter lettuce leaf and used cauliflower to make Mexican “rice.”  Matt was leery, but I liked it even though it was more like couscous than rice.


And after dinner I felt so energized!  I got a bunch of things done around the house (even mopping the floor) and went to bed tired but happy.  And hopeful it would last.  Sadly, not so much…

Day 5

Friday was a bit hectic for a few reasons.  We were having people over for dinner that evening and I was running around trying to get last-minute tasks done before leaving for work so I grabbed half a sweet potato and a hard boiled egg and called it breakfast.  I relished some fish taco leftovers at lunch and managed to avoid snacking all day.

Then all hell broke loose.  Shortly after I got home from work, Matt interrupted my peeling of sweet potatoes with a concerned look on his face.  Denver had a nice sized gash on his side that very obviously needed stitches.  So I scrambled to find a place that could sew him up before we were limited to the 24 hour emergency vet.  I was very lucky that Banfield (where we used to take him) was open til 7 and able to get him in right away.  So I left my guests with instructions to cook their own dinner and hoped to be back soon.  The poor pup had to be sedated and shaved, so he was still drunk on “Michael Jackson drugs” (vet’s words, not mine) when I picked him up.  And with all the people in the house, Denver just. didn’t. want. to. lay. down.  So I gave him a pain-killer and closed him in our room to force him to rest.  He slept off the anesthesia for a bit then escaped to be with the people and I spent a lot of time trying to keep him from bumping his stitches into things.  Such a clumsy dog.  But he is doing better and the wound is healing.

I managed to eat a hamburger patty and a few sweet potato fries during all of this but I was a little too exhausted/stressed to really care about eating.  But then later I had another hamburger patty and some blackberries.

Day 6

Saturday I had plans with my Whole30 buddy to attend an all day gardening seminar that started at 8:30.  I really don’t do well getting up in the morning, so I was running late, as usual.  I managed to scarf down an apple with almond butter before heading out the door but grabbed some hard-boiled eggs assuming I would be hungry before our lunch break.  And I was.  But Julie had some almonds, so I grabbed a small handful of those instead and saved my eggs for lunch.  We ordered salads at the cafe and was thankful for them since my choice didn’t include any protein.

I did grab a few pieces of smoked salmon in the afternoon before running errands because I anticipated a later dinner.  We decided to just eat up some leftovers that evening and I had pork tenderloin, asparagus, and of course, sweet potato.  I was still craving something else and finished up with some blackberries.  I also snuck in some almonds before bed because I have an awful time falling asleep with an empty stomach.

Day 7

Yesterday was not a great day for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it was the cranky child that refuses to poop.  Maybe it was the temptation at the baby shower.  Maybe it was just not getting to spend the gorgeous day outside.  Whatever it was, I was pretty unenthusiastic all day.  I ate fried eggs and blackberries for breakfast.  Beef roast and carrot leftovers for lunch.  Some fruit salad at the shower and a banana and almonds after.

Then we went grocery shopping.  First to a local health food market, then Aldi.  We did score some bacon at the market, but I was very disappointed in the lack of options available, even in this venue.  And the only thing that got me through Aldi was that I had my list and stayed focused on what I needed.

We did have a wonderful dinner of ginger lime shrimp and green beans, but otherwise the day was just really blah.

Week 1 Wrap Up

Okay, yeah, that was really long.  I don’t even want to reread it!  But the first week is supposedly the hardest and if anyone can glean support from this post, I’d be pleased. 

It honestly wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, even though there were some rough cravings.  (I could’ve really used a glass of wine Friday night.)  Having a detailed meal plan was HUGE.  I doubt I would’ve succeeded without it.  Here’s hoping week 2 is even better!

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