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Am I a writer?

Today I was asked by an executive at work if I had any experience in writing to help with a special project. I honestly didn’t know how to answer.  No, my 3/4s of a college degree didn’t involve any studies in writing, but I was okay at it in high school.  You know, 15 yearsContinue Reading

Hello… ello… ello…

After my summer hiatus from blogging, I honestly wasn’t sure if I was ever going to return.  It was really liberating to not have the pressure of getting a post up five days a week.  Because while I really enjoy sharing my life with you readers (if there are any of you left), it wasContinue Reading

Living to Blog

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent these past couple weeks.  At least more so than usual. I will tell you that it was very much an unintentional break.  I was on vacation last week and ended up spending most of the week in bed with a head cold and unable to putContinue Reading

Google Friend Connect PSA

In case you live under a rock, I thought I’d just take a moment to remind you that on March 1st, Google Friend Connect will no longer be available for WordPress blogs.  And I’m a WordPress blog.  Which means if you only subscribe via GFC, you will no longer be privy to my witty, ingenious, household rants tips.Continue Reading

Catching Up, Giving Thanks, and a Giveaway!

Catching Up, Giving Thanks, and a Giveaway!

Rothschild Coat Front

Gah!  I am so behind after the holiday weekend!  The last several days have been spent indulging in deliciousness with family and gearing up for the holidays, so unfortunately, the blog has fallen off my priority list temporarily.  But I’ve got my house finally cleaned up, my holiday shopping well under way, and lots of exciting thingsContinue Reading

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