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Best. Decision. Ever.

When I was 7 I sold girl scout cookies.  That was as close to charity work as I got as a kid.  Sure, my parents donated all their crap to American Vets, but I don’t have any memories of much else. So for 23 years I did nothing. There was always an excuse.  I don’tContinue Reading

Get Involved

A few weeks ago, I closed my eyes and hit “publish” on a post that I was afraid to show the world.  Seeing my words in black and white made me feel weak and vulnerable, not to mention selfish and inconsiderate.  But I’m glad that I went through with it because I received several supportive comments, notContinue Reading

My Achey Breaky Heart

No, this post is not about Billy Ray.  Or Hannah Montana.  Or anything even remotely related to Disney.  (You can all breathe a sigh of relief.) It’s about frustration.  Pain.  Sorrow.  The inability to alleviate suffering.  There are so many people that are suffering… The millions of people that are impacted by the tragic earthquake/tsunamiContinue Reading

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