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Phone conversation I had with Matt yesterday: Matt:  Did you lose a plate? Me:  ?? Matt:  An Allison plate. Me:  Um, I don’t know.  (Should I care about a $.20 Ikea plastic plate?!)  Matt:  Maybe from waffles? Me:  I’m pretty sure she wandered around the house eating the waffle.   Matt:  Well, my mom found aContinue Reading

Conversations with a Toddler

I think every parent longs for the day when your child can reciprocate the suffocating love that you’ve been showering on them since day one. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer. Me: Allison, do you want pancakes for dinner? Allison:  Cake-Cakes! (Fast forward 20 minutes.  Brinner is served.) Me: How are yourContinue Reading

Conversations with a Toddler

Now that Allison’s vocabulary is a bit more extensive, we can actually have “conversations” with her.  Otherwise known as, “stupid kid tricks for our own amusement.” Matt:  “What does a cow say?” Allison:  “Moo!” Matt:  “What does a pig say?” Allison:  “Onk Onk!” Matt:  “What does a duck say?” Allison:  “Qack Qack!” Matt:  “What does Swiper say?”Continue Reading

Dammit Donna

Things have been a little serious up in her’ lately.  So today I’m going to lighten it up with a little nonsensical humor courtesy of Matt. Picture it… 11 o’clock at night.  Getting ready for bed.  Sanford Brown College commercial comes on TV.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a Sanford Brown commercial, thisContinue Reading

Conversations of Futility

Me:  Do you have any cash left?Matt:  A little, why?Me:  I was just asking to see if that’s enough of an allowance.Matt:  Back up off my money.Me:  I wasn’t going to take your money…  I just wanted to see if it was enough, not enough, too much…Matt:  No, it wasn’t enough.  Gimme more.Me:  You justContinue Reading

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