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Whole30 {Week 1}


One week down! As I was looking for inspiration, I came across several blogs that did a day by day run down of their experience on Whole30 and I found it incredibly helpful.  So I thought I would do the same in a slightly condensed weekly version.  I’m sorry if this is a really longContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday {Whole30} 4/8


Well, I made it through the first week.  There were a couple close calls when my will power was weak and I was too hungry to think about food choices, but thankfully my meal plan saved me.  Seriously.  Yesterday as I was scrambling out the door to get to a baby shower, I knew IContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday {Whole30} 4/1

Meal-Plan-Template-Whole30 Week1

I am halfway through my first day of Whole30.  I can already see some issues that I need to work on.  I have decided to keep a food diary to monitor my symptoms and it looks like I am only on target to hit 850 calories today.  Obviously, I will be passed out by 7Continue Reading



Continue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 2/4

meal plan monday

I didn’t really cook much last week since we were busy nearly every night.  I think I made some cheeseburger macaroni and I did finally get around to baking that ham over the weekend.  My freezer is thankful because while we’ve eaten through much of the meat in the freezer, that ham was taking upContinue Reading

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