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Food Waste Friday | Pizza Fixin’s

Last week I didn’t get around to my FWF post, so here is our waste from the last two weeks. Last week I found this half a can of pineapple that was opened for pizza night awhile back and forgotten.  Sad because my kid will tear up some pineapple.  But it was looking a little fuzzy and slimy,Continue Reading

Food Waste Friday | Leftovers

Oh, another crappy cell phone pic for Food Waste Friday…  I turned off my alarm this morning, fell back asleep, and woke up a half hour late so was in a bit of a hurry this morning.  I was actually even so short on time that I put these leftovers BACK in the fridge soContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday | Slacker


Well, I didn’t exactly get around to cleaning out the fridge this week.  And I’m sure there is some waste lurking in there somewhere. I’ve just been a little off my game and not particularly motivated to do much in the kitchen lately.  So that applesauce and granola are still waiting to be made.  AndContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday | Sausage and Peppers

I have to say that I think my food waste this week was pretty good. (Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic.) I only got rid of two things: 2/3 of a moldy yellow pepper and some bison sausage that I had thrown in the freezer a couple of months ago in an effort to saveContinue Reading

Food Waste Friday | Brought to you by the letter C


Coincidentally, all my food waste begins with C.  Sorry that I don’t have any pictures this week, but each item went bad at a different time and I disposed of them before I thought to take a photo. The first item was two clementines.  They looked alright from the outside but when I opened them up,Continue Reading

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