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Meal Plan Monday ~ 1/7/13

meal plan monday

My kitchen and I aren’t the best of friends these days.  I’d like to say it’s holiday burn-out, but the reality is that I hardly cooked over the holidays.  So we’ve pretty much been eating tacos, pasta, and take-out these past few weeks.  No bueno. I know that having a plan gets me halfway there,Continue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 9.10.12

I was feeling pretty proud of myself last Thursday for not just writing a full week’s meal plan, but for doing it before going to the grocery store Friday night.  Except I didn’t go to the grocery store Friday night.  And I didn’t really have a full week of meals to plan because of ourContinue Reading

Is it… Meal Plan Monday??

You may remember in my last post (a month ago) that I casually mentioned that I had stopped cooking, cleaning, or doing pretty much anything household-related outside of paying the electric bill.  I’m here to report that stayed pretty much the same throughout the month of July.  The End.  What a great blog post.* I shouldContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 4.9.12

Holy late meal plan post!  I haven’t posted my meal plan yet because I’ve been staring at my calendar all day trying to come up with something inspiring for Friday.  Well, in between mentally starting another garden project that will probably only ever exist in my mind.  So, actually it’s been less meal planning and moreContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 4.2.12

Last week was dinner party-palooza at our house and while it was great to see friends Tuesday-Thursday, it was a little exhausting.  Although it’s not like I wasn’t going to be cooking those nights anyway…  So it really wasn’t that much more work.  I guess it’s just the increased amount of dishes that wear meContinue Reading

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