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Dinner Under 20: Fish Sticks

I don’t write much about religion here, because, well, I don’t really practice much of it.  I was born/baptized Catholic, but had a rather less-than-devout upbringing.  Not that I didn’t go to church on occasion, and I suffered through 8 years of PSR, but organized religion just wasn’t a huge part of my life.   Please don’t confuseContinue Reading

Dinner Under 20: Enchiladas

Last Friday we attempted our first “At Home Date Night.”  The point is to feed the munchkin something easy for dinner and then after bedtime, we can have a quiet dinner undistracted by monkeys climbing out of highchairs.  But with me not getting home from work until 530 and then having to drop my carContinue Reading

Dinner Under 20: Sloppy Joes

For many Americans, all sloppy joes come from the same place…  The Manwich can.  And for years, I followed the same path.  And as I made the transition to real food, the ‘ol Manwich can was one of the first things to go. And to my surprise, my homemade version was substantially better!  (As manyContinue Reading

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