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Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese

Close your eyes…  Now imagine in front of you there is a big bowl of steamy, creamy, cheesy, noodley goodness… Now open your eyes.  And pretend that image is on this post.  Because my food photography leaves much to be desired and I don’t want to discourage you from making this recipe by posting myContinue Reading

Dinner Under 20: Grilled Caprese Sandwich

It’s summer.  And summer means beautiful, fresh, garden tomatoes.  Assuming your garden is producing beautiful, fresh tomatoes.  Because mine is not.  But don’t worry, tomatoes from the farmer’s market/grocery store will work here too. Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The best, most amazing grilled cheese sandwich EVAH. And it’s so easy I’m not even goingContinue Reading

Cowboy Casserole

This recipe is so easy, even a sick person can do it. It’s six simple ingredients (assuming you count cornbread batter as one, which I am) that you can keep on hand and have dinner ready in a cowboy’s notice (is that a phrase? I blame the illness) otherwise know as 30-40 minutes. Start by browning yourContinue Reading

Chicken Fajitas (pronounced FA-GEE-TAS)

Yes, I did take Spanish in High School. Five years of it, actually. And all I remember is a few choice words and what Dora has re-taught me. However, I do know that the “j” is actually pronounced as an “h.” But the friend that gave me this recipe always went with the less phoneticallyContinue Reading

Dinner Under 20: Fish Sticks

I don’t write much about religion here, because, well, I don’t really practice much of it.  I was born/baptized Catholic, but had a rather less-than-devout upbringing.  Not that I didn’t go to church on occasion, and I suffered through 8 years of PSR, but organized religion just wasn’t a huge part of my life.   Please don’t confuseContinue Reading

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