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Dinner Under 20: Grilled Caprese Sandwich

It’s summer.  And summer means beautiful, fresh, garden tomatoes.  Assuming your garden is producing beautiful, fresh tomatoes.  Because mine is not.  But don’t worry, tomatoes from the farmer’s market/grocery store will work here too. Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The best, most amazing grilled cheese sandwich EVAH. And it’s so easy I’m not even goingContinue Reading

Fish Tacos

I love me some tacos.  Plus they are super easy to make since you only have to cook one ingredient.  And if you can get a certain husband to shred cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc…  Even easier. But it’s easy to get bored with the same ol’ fillings.  Enter the fish taco. I’ve had fish tacosContinue Reading

Cowboy Casserole

This recipe is so easy, even a sick person can do it. It’s six simple ingredients (assuming you count cornbread batter as one, which I am) that you can keep on hand and have dinner ready in a cowboy’s notice (is that a phrase? I blame the illness) otherwise know as 30-40 minutes. Start by browning yourContinue Reading

Chicken Fajitas (pronounced FA-GEE-TAS)

Yes, I did take Spanish in High School. Five years of it, actually. And all I remember is a few choice words and what Dora has re-taught me. However, I do know that the “j” is actually pronounced as an “h.” But the friend that gave me this recipe always went with the less phoneticallyContinue Reading

Amaze Your Family and Friends With a Fruit Bouquet!

Most everyone has seen those fruit bouquets made by Edible Arrangements.  For years I coveted them.  But not their $60 price tag. And then one year I thought, “How hard could it be to make myself?”  (Mind you, I am somewhat delusional about my crafting abilities.) But the answer to my question was not as crushing asContinue Reading

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