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Flashback Friday {Halloween}

The ghosts of Halloween past… Here is Allison dressed as a low-budget fairy last year.  I think I put together the costume for about $10.  And that was only because she needed leggings and a sparkly long-sleeved shirt since it was cold that night. I also think this might have been the last time she letContinue Reading

Flashback Friday {PTSD}

Nearly 3 years ago, we built a dirt bike race track in our basement.  Not intentionally, of course.  Our main plumbing stack had to be replaced because it was old and barnacley and leaking.  And that began the hunt for solid pipe. After 7 days without running water (while 3 months pregnant), over 30 feetContinue Reading

Flashback Friday {Vacation}

I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I just couldn’t shut off my brain.  And then the neighbor’s dog MacGyver’ed himself outside and couldn’t get back in the house.  So he barked.  At 4am.  For over an hour.  So today, all I can think about is wanting to be here. With her. And him. NoContinue Reading

Flashback Friday

Nearly four years ago, my cousin was married.  Her reception was at this fantastic place called The City Museum.  This is (the bottom of) one of the multi-story slides. Silk taffeta makes you go really fast.  And quit looking up my dress.  Perv.Continue Reading

Flashback Friday

I’ll save the long version of how Matt and I met for another day, but here I am back in 2005 with the wonderful person that brought us together. We began as co-workers, became roommates, and will always be great friends.Continue Reading

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