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8 “Healthier” Fast Food Restaurants

I have a confession.  I’m a fast food junkie. Growing up, I remember getting some kind of take out probably about once a week.  And there were just some things we never made at home.  So if we wanted some fried chicken, it was the colonel’s recipe. As I got older, it became increasingly easyContinue Reading

Diary of a GFer: Day 11

Last night I found myself up at midnight Google searching how long I needed to be gluten-free before I know if it helps.  This was after stuffing my face with marshmallows because I desperately needed something to satisfy my craving for a flavorful treat. Rationally, I know that I have a wealth of gluten-free foodContinue Reading

{Gluten Free} Meal Plan Monday ~ 1.2.12

I know today’s title is some pretty obvious foreshadowing, but I’ll explain more about the change in tomorrow’s post. I will tell you that I am really excited to branch out of my standard dinner favorites and try some new meals in the coming months.  We have also gradually been putting a greater focus on improvingContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 12.5.11

What?  It’s Monday again already?  I guess that shouldn’t come as a shock to me as I’m still recovering from my weekly beating from a baseball bat.  So, let me take a moment to remind myself that this weekly injection keeps me seeing straight, walking steady, and talking (somewhat) coherently. Good thing I have anContinue Reading

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