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Best. Decision. Ever.

When I was 7 I sold girl scout cookies.  That was as close to charity work as I got as a kid.  Sure, my parents donated all their crap to American Vets, but I don’t have any memories of much else. So for 23 years I did nothing. There was always an excuse.  I don’tContinue Reading

A New Normal

Five days before my daughter’s first birthday I woke up to a strange feeling.  Pins and needles.  My feet had fallen asleep.  Or so I thought. I shook them around a little but I didn’t get that feeling of blood rushing back into my extremities.  I didn’t feel anything.  And then I knew. I stoodContinue Reading

Unfinished Business

In November I attempted to do a little blog series entitled Thankful Thursday, however, my final installment got derailed due to holiday travel, an overtired child, and, let’s be real here, gluttony.  However, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t finish what I started and dedicate a post to the most important little person in myContinue Reading

Dear Blogosphere…

Like thousands of other people out there right now, I’m sick. Not the fun kind of “sick” which really means awesome. (Although I’m kinda that, too.) But the sore throat, raspy hack, can barely breathe out of one nostril kind of sick. I’m not telling you this to be whiny. Because I kinda did itContinue Reading

Team Challenge Flashback

Alright, maybe I’m a dork, but I thought I would take a moment to remember a rather large accomplishment I completed this day last year… First of all, let me say that I’m not a huge go-getter type of gal.  But after a difficult 2008/2009 with my Crohn’s, I had been contemplating getting off myContinue Reading

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