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Meal Plan Monday ~ 11.21.11

Something is seriously wrong with my brain today.  I’m not really certain of the cause, but it’s probably related to the numerous times I was woken up by someone beating me with a baseball bat last night.  Or at least that’s what it felt like.  The medical community gently calls this “flu-like symptoms” and it’sContinue Reading


It’s officially been long enough since my last blog post that Internet Explorer forgot the web address.  I actually told myself a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t going to publish any more “woe is me” posts.  Because really, who wants to read that crap unless it is artfully illustrated by the amazing AllieContinue Reading

If I knew then…

Monday I went to the OB for my annual exam.  I’m not telling you this so you can envision stirrups and paper gowns and whatnot.  That’d just be creepy. I’m mentioning this for a more relevant reason. Because this could very well be the last schmear of my pap before we take the plunge forContinue Reading

Goals: Part Deux

So the goals that I outlined yesterday boil down to two things.  1) Eat healthy foods and 2) Exercise.  Simple, right? But it’s easier said than done.  Being surrounded by fast food temptations and lazy distractions of the television variety makes this task difficult.  And I have very little will power and self-control, so I need toContinue Reading

Warning: Lack of Dr Pepper makes me incapable of coming up with good titles.

Last week I mentioned something about setting some goals in an effort to feel less like crap all the time.  Then I hit “publish” and instantly regretted it.  Because now I was accountable.  It’s one thing to casually say, “I’m going to eat better.”  It’s entirely another to declare to the world, “I’m giving upContinue Reading

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