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First Haircut

Allison was born with a good head of hair (especially considering both her parents were bald babies).  And as she grew, it grew out so beautifully in these sweet wavy layers.  I never wanted to cut it because some people pay lots of money for hair like that. But as it got longer, she becameContinue Reading

The D Word

In 2004, the first of my friends got married.  Then earlier this year, they filed for divorce. Living states away, I had no idea they were even struggling.  But apparently, there had been problems for years.  And finally they separated. She has moved on.  But I haven’t. I know that sounds strange.  Because what right doContinue Reading

All Grown Up

When did my 2 1/2 year old start looking like a preteen? I am so not ready for that.  Continue Reading

Released from Memory Card Pergatory

I’m lazy, so while I love to shoot with my Canon Rebel, I most often end up using my Blackberry.  Problem is that it takes pretty awful pictures.  Not that taking photos of a moving toddler ever ends well…  But I hate bad photos. But memories are memories and here are a few that I wantedContinue Reading

Moments Like This

I didn’t blog yesterday.  Just like I wasn’t going to blog today.  I just didn’t feel like I had any words that needed to be written.  And I figured rather than cluttering your readers with useless drivel, I’d just sneak away for a couple of days.  Give myself a break.  Let my mind recharge. Then IContinue Reading

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