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Finger Painting

Allison is quite the artist these days.  But what do you do when crayons start getting a little boring?  FINGER PAINT! Allison isn’t a big fan of getting messy, so I wasn’t quite sure what her reaction would be… I’d say she liked it. She started out all delicate, carefully painting her favorite – circles.Continue Reading

Rockin’ the Baby

You all know I’m lazy, right?  When I saw the Rockin’ the Bump meme over at Things I Can’t Say, I was like, that’s awesome!  I have a really cute preggo pic from New Years Eve.  I’m all over that!  But that involved sitting down in my cold basement, searching for the picture, and actually uploading itContinue Reading

Flip Book: Best Friends

It was always super important to me that my kids grow up around dogs.  And this dog?  Well, he’s the best dog ever.  He’s gentle, patient, and incredibly tolerant of wild toddlers.  And he and Allison are best friends.  Okay, so maybe the friendship is a little one-sided.Continue Reading

I’m Drowning in Mommy Guilt

Last night I came home from work and dinner was ready. *Score*  I didn’t even have to do the dishes.While my dear husband was finishing up in the kitchen, I played with the kid, puttered around the house, and mostly did… nothing.  And that continued the rest of the evening.Rationally I know that I shouldContinue Reading

Flip Book: Peek-a-Boo

Continue Reading

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