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Right Now

I am… … loving warm winter days. … so happy for a friend that went into labor on her own yesterday and delivered a perfect baby girl this morning. … looking forward to a delicious pork roast dinner with Matt’s family tonight. … pleased with my outfit choice today. … excited to receive my newContinue Reading

A Rare Saturday Appearance

I have 50 blogs in my “Bestest” folder on Google Reader.  Now not all of those post every day, but I probably read at least that many posts daily once you add in my occasional reads.  I know, I’m a blog addict. But I enjoy reading about your lives and love the knowledge that you shareContinue Reading

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:  I’m feeling pretty energetic today despite being woken up at 2:30 in the morning by a HUGE thunderstorm. The Bad:  Less than a month after cashing the roof claim, Murphy’s Law struck. The Ugly:  We now have a wet plaster ceiling in our dining room and a leaky roof that needs to be fixed.Continue Reading

Right now I am…

…just getting to work.  At 11 o’clock.  Because it took my poor mother-in-law 4 hours to get from her house to mine with 1 inch of snow on the road.  The drive usually takes 50 minutes. …excited about seeing friends this evening.  We are going to a bounce house play area and I’m hoping thatContinue Reading

Some Words

Last night I headed to bed at a reasonable time, read a couple of chapters, and fell asleep around my usual 11-1130.  Without the tv on.  An amazing feat, lemme tell you.  Then woke up at 130, wanting a snack.  As I was getting back into bed, I noticed that my dad responded to myContinue Reading

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