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Meal Plan Monday ~ 12.19.11

It happens every year.  No matter how much I prep and plan, I can’t avoid it.  And right on schedule, I felt the panic set in today.  Less than a week until Christmas and I. Still. Have. So. Much. To. Do. No matter that I have already accomplished so much already, because I still haveContinue Reading

Cookie Party!

Dear Mommy Brain

Now many people might be familiar with a cookie swap, which is an evening of (typically ladies) drinking wine and hanging out with the added bonus of leaving with a tin full of cookies. But because I can’t do anything simple, I have expanded on the cookie swap and created THE COOKIE PARTY!  Every yearContinue Reading

Meal Plan Monday ~ 11.14.11

Apparently, I have developed ADD.  I fully intended to get my meal plan posted this morning, but got distracted.  Damn iPhone.  First it was Facebook.  Then Words with Friends.  Then Email.  And Words with Friends.  Then Email.  Then Pinterest.  Then working on my gift buying list.  Then next thing I know it’s 3 frickin’ 30.Continue Reading

Flashback Friday {Halloween}

The ghosts of Halloween past… Here is Allison dressed as a low-budget fairy last year.  I think I put together the costume for about $10.  And that was only because she needed leggings and a sparkly long-sleeved shirt since it was cold that night. I also think this might have been the last time she letContinue Reading


In past years, our 4th of July festivities involved heading out to the country and blowing a bunch of stuff up celebrating with friends.  There was always an abundance of fun, food, and fireworks.  And good stories to tell years later.  Because when you mix men, beer, and explosives, it’s never safe dull. However, inContinue Reading

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