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Dora the Explorer Party: Cake

I thought of a really fantastic way to open this post…  And then I forgot it.I’m going to start carrying around a Dora notepad (leftover party favor) so that I can jot things down as they drift through my brain.  Although that may not fix the problem because a lot of my ideas come toContinue Reading

Dora the Explorer Party: Party Dress

If it’s not obvious already, my daughter loves Dora.  She has Dora jammies.  She has Dora shoes.  She has Dora socks.  So I knew if I was going to get her into a party outfit, it better have Dora all over it since she’s not so much into clothes.  Matter of fact, she would preferContinue Reading

Dora the Explorer Party: Favors

Dora the Explorer Party: Favors

Allison's 2nd Birthday 116

For the kid’s 1st birthday party, I knew I needed to give out favors to the dozen kids that we invited, but we were broke, so I had to get creative.  I googled “jungle theme favors” over 112 times and decided to make rain sticks out of rice and paper towel rolls and drums out ofContinue Reading

Dora the Explorer Party: Invitations

Dora the Explorer Party: Invitations

Dora the Explorer Invitation

I’m one of those crazy people who would rather spend 4 hours trying to mail merge her address book into labels rather than take an hour to hand address envelopes. So, it should come as no surprise that I hate filling in pre-made invitations.  Besides, I like to pretend I’m all Martha-esque and make myContinue Reading

Here Lies a Hoarder.

Two posts in one day?  WTH, right?  I was kinda feeling that this milestone might deserve a small mention.My site isn’t so great on the SEO stuff, so imagine my surprise when I see my blog was found by searching Google!So, of all the things I’ve done, said, and written, I will be now knownContinue Reading

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