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Meal Planning Monday

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

Warning: I am completely out of it today.I suspect it might have something to do with yesterday’s tragic loss.I’ll be planning a dryer burial later today.  Good thing we live next to a cemetary.  Just kidding.  The dumpster is about 4 steps closer.  And I don’t want to wait until the gravediggers dig a new hole.  IContinue Reading

Simple Savings: 1 Million Uses for Vinegar

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something useful, so I thought maybe I should do that…  So here you go- a list of one million uses for plain ‘ol white vinegar.1. Glass Cleaner2. Counter Cleaner9. Fabric Softener11. Deodorizer19. Degreaser26. Demolder/bacterializer45. Demineralizer321. Bug Repellent657. Floor Cleaner1042. Carpet Cleaner8374. Germ Killer10002. Urine Neutralizer24682. Body Soil Remover53263. SootheContinue Reading

Simple Savings: Laundry Soap

When I was first laid off, I scoured the internet for weeks looking for ways to save a buck.  I figured if I didn’t have much power over what money was coming in, then I had to control what was going out.  Many sites spoke of cancelling magazine subscriptions, giving up lattes, and forgoing mani/pedis. Continue Reading

Adventures in Housekeeping

Yesterday I was feeling quite disappointed in myself as I was reading this amazingly informative blog on how to maintain a clean house.  I thought about the laundry list of things left undone at home and I could feel myself climbing into my shame hole as I obsessed about the 1″ thick layer of dust onContinue Reading

Adventures in Housekeeping

Since rejoining the workforce four weeks ago, I’ve done pretty well keeping up with housework.  It hasn’t been easy, but by making sure the house is picked up before heading off to bed, I can stave off the “a toy box just barfed all over my house” look.  And that’s half the battle.  But this week….  Oh, howContinue Reading

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