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Rainbow Birthday Party

Rainbow Birthday Party

rainbow birthday party outfit

Since before I had kids, I had always wanted to throw a Candyland theme party for a little girl.  Only one problem.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I wasn’t so keen on the candy part.  It doesn’t quite fit into my real food philosophy. So I let go of my dream theme and decided to let Allison chooseContinue Reading

12 Projects for 2012: Take a Cake Decorating Class

For well over a year, my cousin and I have been talking about taking a cake decorating class for no other reason than we like to bake and we like pretty things.  But life always got in the way.  And when life wasn’t getting in the way, your brain is by telling you things like, “YouContinue Reading

Dora the Explorer Party: Cake

I thought of a really fantastic way to open this post…  And then I forgot it.I’m going to start carrying around a Dora notepad (leftover party favor) so that I can jot things down as they drift through my brain.  Although that may not fix the problem because a lot of my ideas come toContinue Reading

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