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Food Waste Friday

Allison has been getting to bed a little late this week.  Which means she wants to sleep in in the morning.  Which means I can do one of two things.  1) Sleep an extra 15 minutes or 2) Do something productive. Normally, I would choose the first option.  But I accidentally turned off the snoozeContinue Reading

Garden {Update}

I wanna say the last time I did a garden update was back in May when we built the stone border around the edge of the empty plot.  Which was actually not so much of an update as an introduction. But I have been somewhat chronicling the development of our plants, so I wanted toContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday

Little beet seedlings sprouting from the earth.Continue Reading

My house may be clean, but my body is a wreck…

The joys of immuno-suppressants…  One night of moderate drunken debauchery and you’re paying for it for a week. The up side is that I managed to get most of the important things on my list knocked out before falling prey to this little bug. Like this garden project we did last week. After nearly twoContinue Reading

Seasonal Deathmatch: Spring vs Winter

Every year since we bought our home, we have attempted to grow a vegetable garden.  The first one was pretty small.  We planted four crops.  But it was a decent first effort.  Last year turned out to be a bit of a debacle, with diseased tomato plants, an overpruned raspberry bush, yet another failed attempt at squash, andContinue Reading

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