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Meal Plan Monday {Plus Grocery Voyeur} ~ 3.12.12

Alternate Title: The Week That is Trying To Kill Me If someone had told me several years ago that hosting a birthday party for a 3-year-old would be similar to the chaos that ensues the week before Christmas, I’d have laughed in their face.  But folks, THIS IS REAL. I have successfully taken something so simpleContinue Reading

The Cleaning Snowball

Lately I’ve been feeling like my house is such a disaster.  Like a dirt bomb went off and every surface is in need of a thorough scrubbing.  Or maybe it’s just bothering me more because I’ve been home to stare at it since we have been stuck inside during these cold months.  Either way, it’s drivingContinue Reading

Getting Control of My Paper Clutter

Last April I began the process of cleaning out our office. I got through about half of an over-flowing file drawer (out of four) and stopped.  Maybe because I was overwhelmed…  Maybe because it was a little painful to permanently dispose of information that was once so important…  Maybe because shredding paper is BORING… But whatever the reason,Continue Reading

12 Projects for 2012: Take a Cake Decorating Class

For well over a year, my cousin and I have been talking about taking a cake decorating class for no other reason than we like to bake and we like pretty things.  But life always got in the way.  And when life wasn’t getting in the way, your brain is by telling you things like, “YouContinue Reading

Scrapbook: Christmas 2011

Sadly, my photos didn’t turn out super great because my lighting situations were pretty horrible.  And shooting wide open creates a really shallow depth of field, so most of them are really blurry and Photoshop can only do so much.  I got a tripod for Christmas, so here’s hoping that might be improved by removingContinue Reading

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