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{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

I could stare at this face for hours.  Love this girl. What could be better?  This photo is SOOC.  Continue Reading

Scrapbook: Christmas 2011

Sadly, my photos didn’t turn out super great because my lighting situations were pretty horrible.  And shooting wide open creates a really shallow depth of field, so most of them are really blurry and Photoshop can only do so much.  I got a tripod for Christmas, so here’s hoping that might be improved by removingContinue Reading

Merry Christmas

I know you all are anxious to see how the Christmas card turned out… I hope you’re not disappointed that I didn’t use the lollipop pictures, but I saw an image on Pinterest and had to try my hand at replicating it. And this is what I ended up with.  Don’t even ask me howContinue Reading

Christmas Card Caption Contest

Christmas Card Caption Contest

November 147

You know that person that sends out the best Christmas cards every year?  This year I want to be that person.  I need to be that person.  But my brain is at a loss. So, I’m begging you.  Please help me. Here are some inspirational photos of my lollipop-bribed angelic daughter to get your creative juicesContinue Reading

Released from Memory Card Pergatory

I’m lazy, so while I love to shoot with my Canon Rebel, I most often end up using my Blackberry.  Problem is that it takes pretty awful pictures.  Not that taking photos of a moving toddler ever ends well…  But I hate bad photos. But memories are memories and here are a few that I wantedContinue Reading

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