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Flashback Friday {Vacation}

I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I just couldn’t shut off my brain.  And then the neighbor’s dog MacGyver’ed himself outside and couldn’t get back in the house.  So he barked.  At 4am.  For over an hour.  So today, all I can think about is wanting to be here. With her. And him. NoContinue Reading

{Semi}Wordless Wednesday

I would like to introduce you to…  Well, she doesn’t have a name yet.  And I am very superstitious about naming cars.  I’m convinced that the last one didn’t fare well because she had a crappy name.  So, please send me your suggestions!  I’m thinking something that sounds good with Matrix.   I’m totally inContinue Reading


Proof that reading blogs is educational.  I saw this idea over at one of my favorite blogs, Little Big, and was reminded of the hours of playtime a bucket and a paintbrush provided me as a child.  And it’s stood the test of time.  Allison could spend hours “painting.”Continue Reading

Ice Cream Cone

   Continue Reading

It’s not overexposed. It’s Artsy.

I recently stumbled onto this blog Live, Love, TRAVEL .  Jaymi takes amazing photos and is generous enough to share her photography experience with the blogosphere.  My favorite feature of her blog (aside from the beautiful images) is her photo edits.  She has inspired me to take another stab at Photoshop. The above photo wasContinue Reading

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