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If I knew then…

Monday I went to the OB for my annual exam.  I’m not telling you this so you can envision stirrups and paper gowns and whatnot.  That’d just be creepy. I’m mentioning this for a more relevant reason. Because this could very well be the last schmear of my pap before we take the plunge forContinue Reading

No, I’m not pregnant. Just crazy.

This morning I had the strongest craving for pizza.  And this was after yesterday’s chili cheese burrito that I. Had. To. Have.  And the greasy cheeseburger that I was pining for all day Monday.  However, I will credit that one to a hangover… Then there are the hormones…  Mood swings that leave me cranky andContinue Reading


I’m sure you all have been wondering where I’ve been the last few days.  At least I like to think that you might have noticed…I’ve actually been on vacation the last few days and while I had some posts prepped, my plans got a little derailed on Sunday. Because I was a little busy.  Assisting inContinue Reading

Unfinished Business

In November I attempted to do a little blog series entitled Thankful Thursday, however, my final installment got derailed due to holiday travel, an overtired child, and, let’s be real here, gluttony.  However, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t finish what I started and dedicate a post to the most important little person in myContinue Reading

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